What happened to the Tuttle Tribe?

When we first launched our monthly magazine in September 2021, we had an upgraded version called the "Tuttle Tribe" which had various perks associated with it.

After a year of feedback, in September 2022 we changed the Tuttle Tribe. Those with active Tribe memberships at the time were automatically switched to what is now Magazine PLUS.

Monthly magazine subscribers had no changes made to their subscription.

From September 2022 onward, Magazine PLUS members will continue to receive printed monthly magazines and will also still be able to access all of our digital magazines, including all past issues.  

Every month, Magazine PLUS members will also be emailed a PDF document—our feature-rich “Plus Pack”—which will have things like:
  • Extra activities related to that month’s topic, such as mad libs, word searches, crossword puzzles, and more.
  • Printable coloring page(s) for younger readers.
  • Writing prompts that encourage reflection and analysis on some of the ideas discussed that month.
  • Parent’s Guide, providing detailed explanations about some of the new ideas discussed in that months’ issue
  • Puzzle Solutions, providing a key to answer hard-to-solve activities in the magazine

Click here to see a sample Plus Pack.

After discussions with many of our magazine subscribers it was apparent that the way to really reward our Magazine PLUS members was to create more content around each month's issue, thereby helping kids gain even more value out of the content. Thus, the Plus Pack was born!

We really appreciate being able to serve your family and provide these important ideas in a fun, accessible format for your children. Here's to an amazing year head with monthly magazine content!

(Not interested in continuing with Magazine PLUS? No problem. Here are instructions to downgrade your subscription.)