How can I downgrade my magazine subscription?

Hi there! If you'd like to downgrade your magazine subscription, there are some simple steps to follow. 

1. When did you sign up for Magazine PLUS?

Magazine PLUS — previously known as the Tuttle Twins Tribe — was changed on September 6, 2022.

If you signed up for Magazine PLUS (Or the "Tribe") before that date, and wish to subscribe, you will need to cancel your subscription and create a new one just for the magazine itself. (If you signed up after that date, proceed to option #2.)

Here are the two steps you will need:

  1. Email our customer service team at requesting a cancellation of your magazine subscription.
  2. Once your cancellation is confirmed, sign up for the monthly magazine subscription here

After that, you should be all set to get just the magazine!

2. Are you newer? Let's continue…

If you first signed up for Magazine PLUS after September 6, 2022, here are the steps to follow!

Log in to your account here. (If you don't recall your password, click "Forgot Your Password" and follow the prompts.

Then click the "manage your subscription" link in the last sentence or simply click here.

3. Review your subscription

On this page you can see your magazine subscription. Click on the subscription number to edit it.

4. Click "Upgrade or Downgrade" button

Scroll down to the "Subscription totals" section and hit the button that says "Upgrade or Downgrade."

5. Select the Magazine option

You will be taken to the magazine product page. From there, select Monthly Magazine then click the "Switch Subscription" button. 

5. Follow the remaining instructions

Depending on the time you do this during your subscription, you may see a prorated amount being applied from your previous Magazine PLUS subscription.

Simply follow the remaining steps and you'll be all set to get only the monthly magazine each month!