Is there any religious content?

Each of our children's books is based on an original book or essay—we take classic content and turn it into something accessible for a child.

The first book we did is based on The Law, an essay written in 1850 by a French economist named Frédéric Bastiat. 

In this essay, Bastiat argues that God is the source of our rights. (A popular opinion at the time, of course.) As such, our book explains the same thing, since we stick with what the original author talked about. 

Not all families agree with this, of course—so the secular families reading our books simply take the opportunity to explain that while this is a popular perspective, it's not one that they share.

And that's fine!

But this is the only book in the children's series that contains any religious reference; the remaining books—see the list here—have no religious content of any kind.