What is the age range?

We're so glad you are excited about the Tuttle Twins books!

One of the more common questions we get about them is what age range they are for. 

And this is kind of hard for us to answer—here's why…

Our "sweet spot" is kids age 5-11. That's where kids most resonate with the books, and the age where it's most appropriate.


We also have many 3- or 4-year-olds who really love the illustrations, and love the stories (when they are read to, as many can't read at that age)—so they will gladly cuddle up with a sibling or parent and listen along.

And, interestingly, we have many pre-teens and teens enjoy the children's books as well! The style might be too "kiddish" for them, but the content and ideas are fresh and engaging, which is why they get sucked in.

Same goes for the parents, too—literally every day we get several messages from parents saying how much they enjoyed the books and how much they learned from them.

Of course, this all applies to our children's series—we have content for teens as well. Check out all our products here.