Are the books and curriculum related?

The books we sell are different from the economic curriculum we produce.

After publishing so many books, families still were asking us for more content, more quickly. So we recently launched the Free Market Rules curriculum, which is a weekly delivery of economic content.

Naturally, some families wonder if the material is tied to the books or if it's all one connected curriculum.

And while the principles and ideas are harmonious, the content is independent. Here's what we mean by that:

Our books introduce lots of economic and political ideas. They do so at a fairly high level, giving simple explanations and stories. We leave it up to the readers to dig in and learn more about whatever ideas have sparked their curiosity.

But with our curriculum, we help out by drilling down far more deeply into economic ideas. Each week, families get content about specific economic concepts — in the familiar Tuttle Twins brand, but in more depth than you get in the books.

You don't even need to own or read any Tuttle Twins books to use and benefit from the curriculum. But we see it all as one inter-connected goal of helping kids learn the way the world works. So while we recommend getting all the content to ensure a well-rounded education, they are independent offerings you can get.