What are the Activity Workbooks?

Our award-winning books have sold over a million copies — but we don't want to simply let kids read the books and be done with it.

So each of our books has an Activity Workbook that goes along with it, with age-appropriate activities that your children can do to keep thinking about the ideas presented in the book.

For younger children, there are things like coloring pages, word searches, and handwriting exercises. For older kids, there are field trip ideas, writing assignments, or other projects. 

The Activity Workbooks are digital PDF files that you will be able to download after purchasing. (A link will be provided on the "thank you" page after ordering, as well as in your confirmation email you receive.) 

We create these as digital items since parents often want different children to do the same exercise; a printed workbook would be "single use" and thus cost more, so allowing parents to print these is the more affordable and reasonable option.

We hope you enjoy and that these Activity Workbooks help your kids better learn and continue thinking about the ideas of a free society!